Valentine Bathing Bar


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Dull and dry skin is everyone’s nightmare, isn’t it? The Rose and Oat Milk Bathing Bar by BodyCafé lovingly known as Valentine’s with its natural properties gently nourishes the dry layer and brings out a healthy looking soft and smooth surface on your skin. This delicate bathing bar improves skin elasticity and tightens the skin. The ROSE Essential oil in this soap bar leaves a soothing and fresh fragrance with you while working its magic on your skin while creamy Oat milk packs a wallop of nourishing moisture into skin.

BodyCafé bathing bars are hand-churned by mixing dollops of raw unrefined butters, generous amounts of skin loving extra virgin Olive Oil, cold pressed Coconut Oil, Palm oil, Rice bran oil, Almond oil and Castor oil to nourish your skin and to create a luxurious texture thereby giving you a rich luxurious bathing experience. 
Rose & Oat Milk bathing bars have been handcrafted to perfection and are infused with these natural and skin loving ingredients – Oat milk, Indian Rose EO, Shea butter(u) & Veg Glycerine.

Skin Type : Dry, Sensitive, Normal
Ingredients : Unrefined Shea butter(u), Cold pressed Coconut oil (CP), Extra virgin Olive oil (EV), Veg Glycerine, Oats milk, Distilled water, Lye (Sodium Hydroxide - NaOH), Fragrance (Indian Rose EO), Additives (Oats powder)