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The Oudh Body Wash is a rich and decadent cleansing formula that detoxifies skin, brightens complexion, fights fine lines and pigmentation, and leaves your skin feeling deliciously fresh.

Weight: 200 ml

A rich and decadent body wash infused with oil extracted from the peel of Lime. Citrus fruits are known for their beneficial effects on the skin and lime is no exception. They aren’t just the tart fruits of the Citrus Aurantifolia tree — they’re also tiny powerhouses of vitamins and nutrients. Lime being rich in powerful antioxidants, has always proven to be beneficial towards the skin. Its nutritional content helps to improve the internal and external health of your skin when applied topically. A generous slather of our Body Wash will envelop your skin in an intoxicating zest which will keep you fresh and energized all day long.