Mustard Cream Raw Honey | Pure Unpasteurized and Unprocessed Wild Honey Direct from the Beekeepers | Natural Mustard Honey | No Added Sugar - 240gm (Glass Jar)

Son Of Soil

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About this product:

  • IT’S UNIQUE: SON OF SOIL Mustard Honey is a thick white honey with smooth & creamy texture,it's easier to spread on crisp toast & use as toppings.You may taste granules or crystals but don’t worry that's because of its crystallisation, which is a hallmark of authentic raw honey.
  • NATURALLY CRYSTALLIZED: This honey crystallises naturally within 2 weeks of harvesting in winters and remains frozen for the most of the year. It's not a flavoured spread; it's pure raw honey with no mustard flavor.
  • Crystallized honey is high in antifungal and antibacterial enzymes, as well as pollen grains & wax particles, which are important nutrients for our bodies. This Honey contains natural vitamins A, B - complex, C, D, E, & K, minerals, amino acids, and active enzymes, offers several health benefits.
  • SKIN FOOD -  Mustard Honey serves as both food and medicine in Ayurveda. Its warming ( Ushna ) properties in Ayurveda speeds up metabolism & enhances digestion. Its a boon for skin and helps in treatment of skin disorders, redness and itching due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Also used in massages for moisturized & glowing skin.
  • Raw, Unprocessed, Organic, Wild Natural Honey. No added Sugar, No Preservatives, No Artificial Colours.