Pear Chutney

Chamba Harvest

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Earthy flavour of grainy pear fruit, intensified with select spices.

Pear chutney is our lush hedonist, the notorious Pahadi uncle who arrives in Chamba with armloads of gifts, dances with all the ladies at the wedding, and keeps everyone awake singing native songs late at night. It’s all Pear and no leaf, a loud sweet and spiciness rounded with a rich Clove and Cinnamon – delicious with Indian Delicacies and goat cheeses. Our chutneys are family-made in the hills of Chamba with our favourite spices, real fruit, and none of that funny stuff.

  • No artificial additives & preservatives
  • Handmade by the women of Chamba Harvest

Ingredients: Pear, Raw Sugar (Khand), Lemon juice, Cumin Seeds, Black Salt, Clove, Cinnamon, Carom Seeds, Melon Seeds, Black Pepper

Net Weight: 230 gm | 8.5 oz.