EXOTIC PICKLE - Fiddlehead Pickle

Chamba Harvest

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Fiercely woven with tangy, spicy and warm flavours.

Fiddlehead is our indigenous fern from the mountains near Chamba, it’s a jar of naturally flavoured tanginess of fiddlehead fern sizzling in the heat of black peppers mused with mustard oil. It’s excellent along with Indian delicacies and when you want to perk up any of your moods.

+ No artificial additives & preservatives
+ Preserved in Barnis (earthen jars)
+ Handmade by the women of Chamba Harvest

Ingredients: Fiddlehead 70%, Mustard oil, Cumin Seeds, Carom Seeds, Lemon Juice, Black Salt, Fennel Seeds

Net Weight: 100 gm