Hazelnut Butter with Chocolate

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Our 100% natural creamy Hazelnut Butter with the decadence of Dark Chocolate, lighlty sweetened with Monk Fruit, a low Glycemic Index (GI), natural sugar substitute. Drizzle over your smoothie bowl, dunk in some MINDFUL cookies or eat a spoonful for dessert!

Ingredients/Materials: Dry Roasted Hazelnuts, 80% Dark Chocolate (Cocoa Mass, Sugar, Cocoa Powder, Natural Vanilla Extract, Soy Lecithin), Monk Fruit Juice Extract Powder, Sea Salt.

Shelf Life (in months from date of manufacturing): 12 Months
Weight or Volume(gms or ml): 500 gms
Storage or other instructions: Store in a cool & dry place. Refrigerate once opened