SON OF SOIL Desert Flora Raw Honey | Pure Unpasteurized and Unprocessed Natural Wild Honey Direct from the Beekeepers |No additives | No Added Sugar- 240gm (Glass Jar)

Son Of Soil

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  • SON OF SOIL Desert Flora Honey is made by bees from the nector of tree flowers of the desert region like khejdi, keekar, sheesham etc. which are exclusive to Rajasthan. This rare blend has high medicinal values and best health tonic for immunity.
  • DESERT FLORA HONEY is Pure, Raw & Natural which is packed directly from beehives without any processing, heating or ultra-filtration which devoid honey ' s all enzymes, pollen & nutrients.
  • Son of Soil Honey gives you numerous health benefits including all naturally occuring vitamins A, B - complex, C,D,E & K, a whole lot of minerals, amino acids & live enzymes.
  • Raw, Unprocessed, Organic, Wild Natural Honey
  • No added Sugar, No Preservatives, No Artificial Colours