Rose Water


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BodyCafé offers 100% natural, non alcoholic, pristine and pure rose water that gives your skin an instant shot of hydration. Carefully hand picked, organically grown roses are steam distilled the traditional way and it is free from artificial colours and synthetic fragrances.
Few additional benefits of our rose water:
* as a base to mix with our powder-face packs or create your own DIY masks at home
* as a relaxing Face mist
* as an eye spray for tired/dry eyes subjected to prolonged screen exposure (use carefully)
* finally, as an aftershave spray that cools and soothes razor blade cuts Enjoy the luxuriant smell of pure roses as it acts as a natural astringent to balance and restore skin’s PH level.

Skin Type : Normal all skin types, Dry, Oily, Acne prone
Ingredients : Steam Distilled Water, Organic Indian Rose Petal Hydrosol, Polysorbate 80, Fragrance (Indian Rose Eo), Preservatives (Optiphen & Potassium Sorbate)