Organic Cold Pressed Argan Oil - 100 ML

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Pure Argan Oil is indeed a miracle oil for skin and hair. The oil is extracted from the edible part of the nuts inside the shell of Argan fruit that grows on Argan tree.

Argan Oil comprises of 80% fatty acids including Linoleic Acid. It also contains Vitamin E and Lipid Compounds derived from fatty acids, carotenoids, polyphenols, acids and antioxidants. The benefits of the said compounds range from protection from UV radiation to reduction of stretch marks and wrinkles.
The anti-oxidants in Argan Oil are 80 times higher than in olive oil. Presence of Vitamin E also gives it potency to stabilize the cell membranes from a process called lipid peroxidation and neutralizing free radicals. Therefore, Argan Oil is a natural wonder at slowing the aging process of the skin.

Benefits of Cosmetic Argan Oil:

– Moisturizes the skin and scalp, fights dandruff and can undo the damages done through chemical treatments and dyes.

– Slows the appearance of wrinkles due to high concentration of anti-oxidants and Vitamin E

– Improves skin elasticity

– Regenerates and rejuvenates aging skin

– Restores the life and shine to hair

– Promotes scalp health to restore hair growth and vitality

– Prevents split ends

– Relieves skin damaged by sun and smoking

– Prevents stretch marks

– Moistens dry itchy scalp

– Fights dry and brittle nails