Oats Flour 400g- Oats Atta- 100% Natural- Healthy Flours

Happy Karma

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Oats flour is a brilliant Gluten free replacement to our daily use flour. Its high in antioxidants, dietary fibre, and proteins. Its high time we ditch the HELLthy and find a HEALTHIER substitute! And what's a better pick than, Happy Karma Oats flour! Nutrition with zero Adulteration, the right fit to keep you FIT.

Reduces Blood pressure and cholesterol :Oats flour not only controls Blood pressure and cholesterol, but also blood sugar levels.
Benefits Breathing issues: Oats flour helps allergic patients to reduce breathing issues to a certain degree.
100% Wholegrain and High-Fibre Flour :Made out of 100% Oats No wheat flour, No refined flour/ Maida, Naturally Gluten Free.
Natural and Gluten Free : Oats flour is is a nutritious switch to any other regular flour because of its nutritional benefit of being gluten free.