Instant Herbal Immunity Building Infusion Mix - The Nectar Of Life


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Imbibe the power of this delicious blend of time tested 13 Ayurvedic superfoods with innumerable benefits.

Form: Instant Powder Mix

A must-have for your daily wellness routine, this Nectar is essentially a packet of warm hugs that instantly makes life seem more gratifying. Of course, its magical blend of thirteen herbs, spices and superfoods sourced from the mountain slopes also infuses your body with vigour and natural fortification.

You remember the ‘kadha’ you mother so lovingly stirred up, when you complained of being under the weather? Well, this Nectar takes its inspiration from there.

A god-sent for natural immunity building, The Nectar Of Life is a powerhouse of health in a sachet.

The Nectar Of Life Instant Herbal Immunity Infusion offers immediate relief from sore-throat, breathing problems, low-energy, indigestion and inflammation. Its ingredients are highly effective in helping weight-loss, reducing cardiovascular problems and lowering blood pressure.