Eclipta Hair Oil - 100ML

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Ingredients- Bassant Extract, Gotu kola Extract, Mehndi Extract, Barangi Extract, Kadi patta Extract, Jatamansi Extract, hibiscus extract, coconut oil.

Eclipta Hair Tonic is a special blend of herbal extracts that stimulate hair growth and help in getting rid of dandruff. It prevents hair thinning and helps control the greying of hair. It provides the hair with a supple and shiny look.

*helps in getting rid of dandruff and prevents graying of hair.

 *It helps promote growth of hair 

*Mehendi is a hair conditioner, Astringent and Hepato-protective. It gives the hair a healthy and beautiful look

*Jatamansi is a useful hair tonic, promotes hair growth and lustre

*bringaraj helps stop the premature graying of the hair. It has been traditionally used to add lustre to long hair

*Hibiscus extract helps to cleanse, soften, and soothe the hair and scalp

*the oil is safe for most skin types but one must always do a patch test