Blueberry Facial Sheet Mask, 23ml


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Blue Berries are loaded with antioxidants and vitamins automatically making them a great remedy for skin care. If you are looking for an ingredient that will preserve your youthful glow then Blueberry sheet mask is the answer to your prayers. The antioxidants present in Blue berries combat with the properties of the skin that speed up the skin aging process. Blueberries also contain significant amounts of zinc and iron, both skin-friendly elements. Natural antioxidants, natural vitamins A, E & C and beta-carotene are all present in Blue berries. Blueberry sheet mask is a great remedy for acne. Blueberries make your skin glow naturally and with beauty and radiance. It is rich on skin friendly natural nutrients. The Blueberry Sheet Mask will leave your skin looking young and supple.


  • Blueberries are known to regenerate the damaged skin cells due to external pollution, dirt, dust etc.
  • The Blueberry Sheet Mask is suitable for providing relief from wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, age spots, blemishes and other signs of premature ageing.
  • Vitamin C and A present in blueberries help in controlling excess oil and removing toxins from our body and skin that clog our skin pores.
  • Blueberries act as a natural skin toner. It is very effective to tone our skin properly which provides a lot of benefits like maintains pH balance, removal of toxins from our skin, shrinking and tightening of skin pores, providing nourishment and hydration to our skin, reducing the acne.
  • Reduces the appearance of dark circles under the eye but also helps to prevent under eye dark circles.

How to Use

  • Cleanse your face thoroughly and wipe it dry.
  • Take out and unfold the mask and place it on your face by positioning it properly.
  • Keep the mask on your face for 15-20 minutes and peel off slowly from the edges. · Let the nutrients in the mask set for the next 15 minutes and then wash it off.
  • Avoid washing your face with soap in the next 24 hrs.
  • Avoid using overnight.
  • Avoid using the mask on pimples, open scars, bruises and sunburned skin.
  • Keep out of eyes, in case of contact rinse thoroughly with water.
  • If you feel any irritation on the skin stop use and rinse off immediately with water and consult a physician.
  • Avoid using on sensitive skin.
  • This is a one time use mask only.