Berry Blast 100g- Trail Mix- Healthy Snack

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Berries are high in fibre hence solve all your digestive issues. Vitamin C in it improves your immunity. it also helps reduce sysmptoms of many chronic diseases..

Rich in Nutrients : Berries contain a high amount of vitamin C and K, that help build a healthier immune system.
Boost the digestive system : All berries are rich in fiber making them really good foods for digestion and for your gut health.
Good for the skin : Berries help reduce wrinkles. They also break down collagen that in sun damaged skin! berries help reduce skin ageing and prevents it from sagging.
Goes with all diets : Although people on low carb diets like Ketogenic avoid fruits, berries are allowed in moderation. Other diets like Paleo, vegetarian, vegan and Mediterranean diets allow for a liberal amount of berries to be included in their diet.