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Jivika Naturals Forest Honey is sourced directly from tribes in Uttarakhand. More than just a product, it’s an initiative that supports bee-keepers in the enchanting Valley of Flowers, the land of beauty and prosperity. Jivika Naturals Forest Honey is farm-fresh, bee-made, and 100% natural. 

When you choose our honey, you choose to revive the declining population of bees and boost local farmers’ income. For every honey you savor, ₹5 will contribute to bee conservation and welfare activities for farmers.

The most favorite sweetener of all time - it’s relatively low on the glycemic index, making it one of the best sugar substitutes of the bunch. Replacing sugar with honey lowers blood sugar levels and aids in weight loss. Making it an indestructible sweetener.

Highlights -

  • NMR Passed - No added sugars
  • Sourced from tribes in Uttarakhand
  • Farm-fresh, bee-made, and 100% natural.